Red Bull Car Park Drift Finale 2013


If you are a motor geek and love the smell of burning tires, YAAAYYyy, Red Bull is bringing something hot for you this winter. Dubai is all set to host the Finale of Red Bull Car Park Drift event on 8 November 2013.

For all those who are not a motor geek but love the smell of burning tires here is the story of drifting which goes back to 1960s when it was born in Japanese mountain roads. It is a very famous sport all over the world especially in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan where drifting is a fully-fledged sport. Middle East’s first Red Bull Car Park event was held in Lebanon in 2008 making it possible for all underground drifters to put their skills to test, and placed the spotlight on rally champion Abdo Feghali, making him a drifting legend. Since then the sport has growing infectiously in the region as people in Middle East have best roads and access to all the great vehicles.

This year’s event had eight qualifying session in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Oman which determined who is worthy of competing in the energy intense finale in Dubai, UAE and can be the next King of Drift. These sessions limited the number of drifters to 16 but all of them are very skillful and are best drifters these countries have.

The engines of Nissan Silvia, Toyota MK2, Nissan 350Z, Chevrolet Lumina SS, Chevrolet Camaro, BMW E46, BMW E30 and BMW M3 will roar at 2100 hours on 8 November 2013 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

And for the first time in the history of these events, the Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional Final 2013 is featuring a Double Drift Nations Cup to boost the spirit of competition. To top it off, judging is going to take a whole new level with a state-of-the-art app to assess and evaluate each drifter’s performance in speed traps, clipping points, car appearance, crowd reaction, and tire smoke.

Check out—Red-Bull-Car-Park-Drift-2013/001243358657080 to select where you want to sit and see the whole action. Tickets are available online at Virgin Mega Store’s portal so hurry up, grab your tickets and watch the history in it’s making. In case you are jealous and think you have it all what it takes be the next ‘King of Drift’ you can register yourself for the next season here—Red-Bull-Car-Park-Drift-2012/001243157819721

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